Friday, December 17, 2010

ICLIGM Software Update (ICEGATE Ver)

Dear ICLIGM Software Customers

We are Glad to inform you that ICLIGM (ICEGATE) version has been
successfully tested with Customs ICEGATE (ICES) gateway.

We have upgraded the ICLIGM Software as per the ICEGATE (ICES
ver1.5) notification issued by the Customs authority.

Find below the steps to update the ICLIGM Software:

1) Lon in to with User
ID & Password (ICLIGM Users Portal section).

2) Download the Update Patches, Version
control, Import Module, Export Module, Master Module, Testing &
Merging Module, Main files.

3) Take backup of existing \\conttrac

4) Extract (where XXX is
Licence number) in \\conttrac\icldata folder. Overwrite if asked.

5) Extract file in
\\conttrac\data folder. Overwrite if asked.

6) Extract downloaded files in
\\conttrac folder. Overwrite if asked.

7) Copy test.mdb file from \\conttrac
to \\conttrac\data folder. Overwrite if asked.

8) Open \\conttrac\data folder and run
VersCont9.4.exe. Click VerCont-EX button to start procedure.

9) It will update your database. While
updating database it will show messages about updating database.
Click OK or YES Button.

10) After complete database updation
run the file 'patch109.exe' (Indian flag icon) present in \\conttrac
folder. This will show the message “Software patch applied

11) Make new shortcut of Icligm109.exe
on desktop.

13) Your software is updated now.

Update Details:

  • Software Tests the EDI file as per the ICEGATE ICES1.5 format.
  • Software generates the IGM Cancellation, EGM Rotation, Entry
    Outward, Rotation cancellation formats as per the ICEGATE ICES1.5
  • Previous version of Software remains intact.
  • Current Software database version is 0.12.

  • If you wish to visit our executive at your good office to update
    the Software then visit charges applicable.

    Thanks for using ICL software services.


    (Support Department)


    Sales Department:
    Support Department:

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