Wednesday, October 14, 2015

EMSS Software updates

Following updates are incorportated with EMSS (Exim Management Software Solution). You are requested to keep a note of it:

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced EMSS Version Control utility for EMSS software users. We have already activated this at our end and installed client version at all our client?s server machines. If you have not yet installed this utility, then, you may get in touch with our Support team. EMSS Version Control Utility highlights are as under: 1. Any kind of updates or upgrades are automatically updated at client?s machine. 2. This utility takes backup of your EMSS server and keep up-to 30 latest copies on your server machine. 3. This utility is capable of updating core product and Customise updates as well. 4. With the help of this utility your EMSS version is always up-to date with our latest EMSS version.

If you already have EMSS Software then update/check your product. If you want to buy EMSS then Click here to register

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