Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Customs/C.Excise (CBEC) Notification

New Customs/C.Excise (CBEC) Notifications on following products are issued. You may check at EXIMON e-Comm by giving your product or HS code:

Central excise tariff
Mobile,Gold Bars,READY TO EAT,Fertilizer ,Coal Tar,turbine,Fishing Tools,parts,BEARING UNITS,mining rigs,PVC Resin,Other articles of copper,adhesive,Diamond Jewellery ,battery,made ups,camera,chemical raw materials,copper washer,Batteries,Micro SD,MOBILE PHONES,electric,diamond,Linear Alkyl Benzene,RUBBER,Gold Dore Bars,gold bar,Engine PARTS,Chemical,Ethenol,Spirit,Electronics.,vessel,EPOXY RESIN,Used Heavy construction equipment,ADHESIVES,Pumps,Copper,Polyester,cable,digital camera,impeller p6,Fertilizers,Chemical Goods,I/C ENGINE,hms tmt bars sheets,epoxy resin hardener,TOOLS,Battery chargers,adapter,Car Accessories,FO Cable,routers,Self Adhesive Vinyl,Jewellery ,CONCRETE MAC,Engine Oil,I.C. Engine,Fuel oil ,material handling equipment,solar,fan bearing,television,Rubber adhesives,

if you want CBEC notificaiton alerts on your product description or HS code then you must register your company on Register (free) (if already not registered).

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