Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ICLIGM Software (Testing & Merging) Clarifications

  • ICLIGM Software (Testing & Merging) Module is used for
    finding format compatibility of IGM EDI, Non-EDI and ICEGATE

  • This Module shows Alert Messages for the possible errors in
    the file prepared for filling IGM with Customs.

  • Messages shown are purely based on Customs department's
    prescribed EDI file format and required validations.

  • Alert Messages shown are simply suggestions in nature. It
    does not enforce user to follow the same.

  • Ultimate choice remains with Software operator.

  • Acceptance of your IGM is totally in hands of ICEGATE/Customs
    authorities. We have no role in between.

  • There could be several reasons/factors for refusal of your
    IGM by the government authorities.

  • ICLIGM software is designed as per ICEGATE (EDIFACT) format
    and it contains several validations. But your file may get struck
    due to several un known reasons also, since IGM/EGM preparation is done by yourself.
    ICL is not at all responsible for any profits/penalties.

  • File generated from ICLIGM software is always perfect.
    Provided you do not temper with file after generation and Data entered is proper.

  • Once you communicate with our support team then make sure you
    are not raising queries on behalf of other shipping company neither
    you involve any other shipping company between you and ICL any form of communication.

  • The file generated from your software only entitle to be
    resolved by our support team. If you put forward queries for the
    files of any other slot agent then we shall not offer support for
    the same.

  • Any technical error noticed in the software or any constructive suggestions is welcome as always. We are 100% committed for providing best customer support.

  • Several shipping companies are filling IGM/EGM using ICLIGM
    software for more than decade. It is observed that few leaders in
    Vizag due to some wasted interest are trying to malign our image by false propaganda and threatening mails to us. We strongly condemn and warn them.

Thanks for using ICL software services.


(Support Department)


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Thursday, February 3, 2011

ICLIGM (Import Module) Software Update (ICEGATE Ver)

Dear ICLIGM Software Customers

We are Glad to inform you that New Terminal Code is inserted for
Vizag (Visakhapatnam) ICLIGM (ICEGATE (ICES ver1.5)) software users.

We have upgraded the ICLIGM Software as per the ICEGATE (ICES

Find below the steps to update the ICLIGM Software:

1) Lon in to with User ID & Password (ICLIGM Users Portal section).

2) Download the Import Module file.

3) Extract downloaded files in \\conttrac folder. Overwrite if asked. (Make sure your software is closed)

4) Your software is updated now.

Update Details:

1) New Terminal Code provided for Visakhapatnam software users.

2) Previous version of Software remains intact.

If you wish to visit our executive at your good office to update the Software then visit charges applicable.

Thanks for using ICL software services.


(Support Department)

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