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Wishing you Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013

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Wishing you Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013

Let us leave all the negativities with 2012 and move forward with all possitivity to welcome 2013.

ICL's Products and Services

EMSS™ Exim Management Software Solution
EMSS™ (Exim Management Software Solution) is an Enterprise Solution (ERP) for Importers and Exporters especially having huge cargo volume and transactions. EMSS™ consists of several integrated modules:
  • Import,
  • Export,
  • Factory,
  • License/Bond/Incentives,
  • Inventory Control System and
  • ERP Integration.
ICLIGM™ Software
ICLIGM™An Enterprise Software Solution for Shipping Companies, Shipping Agents, Freight forwarders, NVOCC and Liners. ICLIGM(TM) is ICEGATE Compatible Software. ICLIGM™ Software consists of 6 integrated Modules:
  • Import,
  • Export,
  • Testing and Merging,
  • Marketing and Booking,
  • Container Tracking and
  • UN-EDIFACT (Codeco,Coarri,Baplie,Coprar).
EXIMON™ e-Commerce
    • Your Company advertisement/Listing on EXIMON™ E-Commerce web portal. FREE
    • Live Shipment Database of Import Export Goods from Different ports of India (100+ Ports) Daily updates, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and Panama. Data is available since 1997 onwards.
    • Online Global Actual Importer Exporter Directory. No paid entries.
    • Find the correct Classification (CTH/ITC/HS) of your Import Export products. FREE
    • Online Harmonised Indian Customs/Excise Tariff Since 2005 onwards. FREE
    • Indian Customs/Excise Notifications (CBEC). Since 2000 onwards. Keyword or Number wise Search. FREE
    • Direct access to Freight forwarders, Shipping and Container Liners, Shipping Agencies, Buyers, Suppliers, Etc. FREE
    • Many more Features and Trade promotional activities like Comparison of Container Freight Charges, Online Container tracking, Etc.
    • Its absolutely FREE and you will get Free Trade Enquiries directly from Buyers and Suppliers into your Email/Mobile.
Looking forward having you on our client list and assuring you best of our services.

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